5 Tips Work with any Embroidery Thread


5 Tips Work with any Embroidery Thread 1. Use a good quality Thread!Number one of rule for embroidery that everyone should know. Always, You should always use a quality good thread  !! Put the thread on the hands, and stretching it across your fingers. Does thread feel rough or thick ?? You … [Continue reading]

Tip About Operating a Sewing Machine

As a beginner, you really don't have enough knowledge on how to operate your new sewing machine, that is why it is really very important that you will look for some ideas and also ask for advices. This is very important so that you will not be able to damage your new machine.Tips and Tricks … [Continue reading]

Tips for Embroidery Success

Every embroidery experience a failure before they success in this activity. Achieving a great result in embroidery requires lots of patience and of … [Continue reading]

Frequently Asked Questions About Embroidery Machine

Many of us who use an embroidery machine have a lot of questions about all the procedures on making a design or the different stitches in … [Continue reading]

How To Fix Your Sewing Machine

When you have a sewing machine, it is really very important that you will also know some basic tricks on how to fix your machine's problem that is why … [Continue reading]